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The Zepp Play Soccer device is a family friendly tracking tool that youth soccer is just now discovering. Professional clubs use tracking technology that’s often too expensive and sophisticated to make sense for youth players but this device is perfect for serious soccer families.

Kind of like a super fitbit for soccer the tracker can help your player improve both their fitness and their touches on the ball. Our family has really enjoyed using this soccer tracking app to see what’s happening on the field and we think yours will too.

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How do you get your player to use their weak foot?

This Zepp Play Soccer Package gives you a Zepp Soccer Tracker device your player can use to keep a history of how much they’re using that weak foot over time. The soccer tracker slides into the back of an included leg sleeve and will tell you how many times they use that foot in a training session or game.

After each time they play you simply pull the stats up on your phone (along with other metrics like fastest sprint, hardest kick, distance run, distance walked) so you can both see how many times they used their weak foot.

The app keeps track of each session on your phone and in the cloud so you can see the use of their weak foot grow over time and help them set goals for becoming a double footed passing and scoring threat.

As a bonus the app also allows you to easily create soccer highlight videos and other video features you can read about in ourĀ Zepp Play Soccer Review

This package includes:

  • 1 Zepp Tracker
  • 2 Leg Sleeves
  • 1 Device Charger
  • 1 Quickstart Guide
  • Weak Foot Goal Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Soccer Fitness Tracking Spreadsheet

Retail Price – $100

Additional Information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 in
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