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    Veo Camera Freelance Guide

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    This Veo Camera Freelance guide is for you if you’re a team or family that wants to help cover the cost of your Veo camera by making it available to other teams in your area to record soccer games. We've been helping teams locally and around the U.S. record games for the last year and covering our costs of the camera in the process. Here we share all the details about how it works and we answer the questions you'll have about things like:
    • Pricing / Rates / Plans 
    • Video Access / Sharing 
    • Your Expenses 
    • Billing
    • Scheduling
    • Recording Logistics
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Marketing
    • Lessons Learned
    • Lots more...
    This is an early release guide so we're offering it at a discount and looking for your feedback. We will send you newer versions as we continue to add the information that you request. Questions about the guide or your Veo camera? Happy to chat on the phone (816-398-8846) or via email (veo@EasySoccerVideo.com).
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    Veo Camera Guide – Veo Rookie

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    Veo Camera Rookie is for soccer families or teams who just bought a Veo camera or will be getting one in the near future. If you have a question about how your team will use the camera to capture great game video, we've answered it in "Veo Rookie". The guide will walk you through all your firsts with the camera to help you capture your game video. What should you do when your camera arrives to get ready to record? What should you expect that first game? What mistakes should you avoid? After almost 1000 recordings across 100 teams we've captured everything you'll want to know about your camera:
    • Tripod sizes & adapters
    • Uploads
    • Sharing Video
    • Downloading Footage
    • Recording Games
    • Battery Management
    • Team Setup
    • Away Tournaments
    • Lots more...
    Questions about the guide or your Veo camera? Happy to chat on the phone (816-398-8846) or via email (veo@EasySoccerVideo.com). Team Testimonials:
    The Veo rookie guide helped me understand what to expect when using the system, as it’s full of tips and tricks and best practices that you’ll only ever get from an experienced user. I recommend reading it before or along with purchasing the camera so you are ready to go the day your Veo arrives.
    James Ulrich
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