This site is for you if…

  • Your car can drive to Scheels Soccer complex or Swope Soccer Village on auto-pilot
  • You’ve spent more time on the sideline of games/practices than you have working out
  • Your kids have broken at least 2 things in your house with a soccer ball
  • Your TV shows never save on the DVR because it’s full of soccer games
  • You set a round trip record from field to home b/c your player brought the “wrong jersey”
  • You get more emails from TeamSnap than from your spouse or friends
  • You dread soccer tryouts more than a trip to the dentist
  • You finally arrived at the game early… only to discover you’re at the wrong field
  • Your calendar has more game days than date nights

No joke – we invest a lot of time, energy, & money into our kids and into this sport. We wanted to give parents a way to be recognized for all they put into it.  Your kids may not appreciate all you do but we can. We think you deserve “Parent Points” for helping your kids be a part of the beautiful game.

In support of your team youll travel approximately miles this season to league games.
Your actual distance will likely be more since this is "as the crow flies" distance.
To claim your team and earn "Parent Points" for your miles enter your email below. Youll also find out fun soccer facts such as:
  • Number of teams in your age group
  • Number of teams for each club in your age group