If your Veo camera is available for rent then share your soccer camera availability below and when people in your area are looking to record soccer games we can send them your way.

The more details you specify the more likely it is that we can match you with teams who need your camera. It would be very helpful to know what time frames your cameras are available for, how many cameras you have, and what locations are available for rent. If there’s something we forgot to ask you can specify it at the end in the Other Information field.

For example if you don’t rent the camera out but you are willing to record soccer games locally let us know that in the other field. We understand that you might not be comfortable shipping your camera away but if there are teams that could benefit from having their games recorded for soccer highlight videos or soccer recruiting videos we’d be happy to match you up with them.

If you’re looking to rent a Veo camera you can book a soccer camera here. We’ve been renting out cameras around the country for the last year, if you have a date you need to reserve a camera for a game or tournament or have questions you can give us a call.

In terms of renting out your own soccer cameras we can share the ups and downs of the process if you’re looking to help out other teams by making yours available to rent.

We’ve been working on a Veo Rental Guide that shares what we’ve learned over the last year, if you’d be interested in it you can indicate that when you fill out the information above.