Do you have a team, school, family, player that would like to record their games this year? You can help them out with a Veo Camera Rental Gift card, we make the whole process simple:

1) You use this link to pay for the gift card – Order Your Gift Card

2) We’ll send them instructions on how to reserve the dates (good for any week in 2023) and the digital gift card below :

Recording Games

We’ve sent our cameras to teams around the U.S. to record hundreds of games so we’ll make it easy on the team you’re gifting the recording to. Here’s how it works:

  1. We ship the camera to their house (or hotel if traveling to a tournament)
  2. They receive an 80 page digital users guide in a advance (along with how to videos)
  3. We provide email, text, phone support while they have the camera
  4. After recording and uploading they have access to the games to watch, download, clip

If you have questions you can give us a call – 816-398-8846

Need to Record Your Games?

If you have boosters, family, or sponsors who would want to help you record your games you can share this page with them. If you or they have questions we’re happy to chat over phone, 816-398-8846, or email