Veo camera rain covers come in different shapes and sizes. I’ve seen a variety of different techniques to keep rain off the lenses of your camera. One of the big challenges of recording in the rain is that the droplets land on the lens of your camera and can obscure the view of the game.

With the Veo 2 now there’s an angled cover over the lens that helps keep the water off your actual lens and also encourages the rain to quickly drip off the lens cover rather than sit on the lens and block the view. But the more water you can keep off the lens to begin with the better.

The other big downside of rain is that you prefer to keep water off your camera. Even though the Veo camera is water resistant we’d all still like to keep as much water away from the camera as possible.

Veo Camera Rain Cover Options

Teams all around the world have come up with a variety of ways protect their camera from rain, a lot of them involve putting something over the top of your camera. One of the tricky parts about attaching something to the top of your camera is that it adds wind resistance.

This can be bad for several reasons. One is that your camera moves around more which can lead to a recording that’s harder to watch. We’ve used the Veo camera wind kit on the plains of Kansas when the wind was over 30 mph, the camera stayed up the but video was shaky.

The other downside to additional wind resistance is that if you’re not using a wind kit, or anchors, or sufficient sandbags then your whole camera can blow over.

We’ve been on the lookout for a good option for protecting your camera from the rain so our ears perked up when I saw a guy from the MidWest talking on Facebook about something they called the Cam Glove.

Veo CamGlove

The Cam Glove avoids the issue of wind resistance because you slide/snap the cover over top of your camera. It’s a tight fit, it’s engineered to follow the form of the camera closely. So you have to work to get the Cam Glove onto the camera but the upside is that you don’t have wind resistance.

The rain cover has a small ledge or lip that sticks out over the lens to help catch some of the falling rain and divert it away from your camera lens. I bought one right away but haven’t been able to test it yet because we haven’t played in the rain yet.

If you’re looking for a rain cover for the Veo camera we can help you save some money with a Cam Glove discount.  Just use our Easy Sports Video discount code when you order the rain cover. You enter our code at checkout to get a discount, order cam glove here with code ESV .

There is a model for both the Veo 1 and for the Veo 2 camera, I bought both since we have the original and newer model of the camera. Below is a video that shows you what the Cam Glove looks like. I went with black but you can can customize the color you’d like for your camera rain cover.

Veo Cam Glove Contest

Since spring can be so rainy we’re running a giveaway for the Cam Glove. It actually works out well because we’re also launching our highlight video service for Veo camera owners. So if you request a highlight video you’ll be entered into the drawing for the rain cover.  If you are pulled in the draw we’ll ship you a Veo 1 camera cover or a Veo 2 rain cover depending on which one you’d prefer.

The video below shows you how to request a highlight video, here’s the highlight video page