If you record soccer games, create highlight videos, do game analysis, rent camera equipment, offer recruiting services or other services that a soccer family might need for their team or player then we’re looking for you.

We love hearing from teams around the U.S. about soccer video but we have a challenge…

– Our cameras are frequently all rented out

– Our inbox and voicemail are often overflowing

– My wife is furious because the garage is full of tripods

So if you offer sports video related services we’d love to send families your way. For example, last week we got a call to record a team in Houston in 2 days time but we were out of cameras ….. so we connected them with another Veo camera owner in Houston who showed up and recorded the game.

We have so many examples like this that we want to connect you with people looking for your services in your town. Share your information in the form below and we’ll get you added.

PLUS we’re running a soccer video booth at the United Soccer Coaches convention in January. If you’d like us to share information on your soccer video services at the convention you can check the box on the form. 

After you submit your information above we’ll be in touch about your services and get more details on what you offer.

United Soccer Coaches Convention Booth

If you’d be interested in coming to the convention and talking about your services on the exhibit floor you can mention that as well in the form above. We’re limited on the number of people that can have an exhibitor badge and need to submit the list of names soon so if you’re interested let us know right away.  If you have questions let us know – 816-398-8846