Soccer highlight videos are good for recruiting and also for sharing so we’re going to make them available to players that need them. We’ve had a lot of teams that rent our Veo cameras who have high school players that ask us about good video highlight services. Or teams that record a tournament and want the highlight footage of goals, saves, and big plays.

Enough teams have asked that we’re going to start offering the option of putting together a highlight video of the footage you record when you rent a camera.  OR if you already have game footage that you shot and would like us to put it into a highlight video we’ll offer that as well.

One of the video editors we’re working with has offered to give away a free highlight video to kick off this service.

So if you need a soccer highlight video share your info in the form below:


Soccer Highlight Video Process

The giveaway entry begins on 2/5 and runs through 2/14.  The software will randomly select one player to win the highlight video.

What you’ll need to do if selected:

-Submit your player’s information

– Submit 4 game videos and the times of key plays in the videos

– Go through the review/revision process of the highlight video

When you’re finished the revision process you’ll get a final copy of the highlight video. At the end we’ll ask your opinion on the process and the end result. We’ll also keep a copy of the video that we’ll use to showcase the highlight video service.

Game Footage

Ideally you’ll already have footage for a highlight video. If you’re in need of game tape for your player or team we can find a weekend where you have several games or a tournament and you can rent one of our cameras to record the games.