Soccer highlight videos can make a big difference for players that want to continue their soccer career past high school. We’ve had a lot of teams that rent our Veo cameras who have high school junior and seniors that ask us about good video highlight services.

Video Highlights

So far we’ve put together a lot of video highlights for fun but never to help a player showcase their skills to help further their career. We aren’t experts in that area so we’re looking for some. We don’t like to recommend anything we haven’t tried ourselves but our kids aren’t old enough to need a highlight video yet.

So…. we’re hoping you can help us test the waters. We’re looking for a family with a player that could use a soccer highlight video. If your player is in need of a highlight video and has game recordings then fill out the info below to enter.

One family will be randomly selected to work with Prospect Reels to submit their game footage and get a free highlight video. We’ve heard good things about John and his team at Prospect Reels so are eager to see how they put your footage together.

Share your info below to enter the giveaway:




Soccer Highlight Video Giveaway

The giveaway entry begins on 11/5 and runs through 11/12.  The software will randomly select one family to receive the Sports Highlight Video package from Prospect Reels.


Highlight Video Process

What you’ll need to do if selected:

-Submit to Prospect Reels your player’s information

– Submit 4 game videos and the times of key plays in the videos

– Choose a music track, if desired

– Go through the review/revision process of the highlight video with Prospect Reels

When you’re finished the revision process you’ll get a final copy of the highlight video. The goal of this is to get you a highlight video and also to give us an idea of what the Prospect Reels service is like. At the end we’ll ask your opinion on the process and the end result. We’ll also ask for a copy of the video that we can use when we write about Prospect Reels.


Recording Games

If you’re in need of footage for your player or team we can find a weekend where you have several games or a tournament and get you one of our cameras to record the games. You can read more on our soccer camera rental page.