Coach Assist is a free service for coaches and soccer parents. Coaches share their experience and passion for the game. Parents get to know the coach.


If your player has been invited to join a team and you’d like to know more about the coach just enter their name and email below and we’ll send them an invite to fill out their profile and we’ll notify you once it is done – Coach info request form

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If you’re inviting new players to a team the families would likely love to learn more about you as a coach. If you can share your coaching experience & passion for the game by answering a few questions that would be a huge help to them.

We know you’re busy at this time of year so after you answer the questions below we’ll send you a link to your coaches profile that you can share with other families wanting to know more about you as a coach. That way you only have to answer those questions one time – Coach Profile form.

The information you enter about yourself as a coach will be publicly available for soccer families so don’t mistakenly enter anything specific or private about a player or soccer family.  This is a profile you can share with any player you invite to your team, not one specific player.

Why Coach Assist? 

We know tryouts or a stressful time for clubs coaches and parents and players. Our goal is to make the process a little less stressful.

Coaches are busy evaluating players/teams & it’s hard to make time for all the parent emails. Parents don’t want to commit their player to a whole year of a team without knowing more about the coach.

Here’s a little soccer parent mad libs that might look familiar to you:

My daughter wasn’t exactly happy with her current team because the coach _____________ and her teammates ________________ so she tried out for another team to see what her options were.

The tryout must have gone pretty well because the club invited her to join their ______________ team. Now I’m a nervous wreck because there are pros and cons about both clubs but I really want to know about _________________ and of course more about this new coach.

We don’t know much about Coach _______________ and I came up with a huge list of questions I want to ask. I got the email ready to send but then my husband/wife suggested I hold off because we don’t want to pester the coach at this busy time of year.

We ____________ about the questions until finally I agreed to _________________. After that compromise I tried to email/call the coach but haven’t heard back yet.

We’re supposed to give the club an answer by ___________________ but we’re so up in the air. We’re not sure if the coach is ____________________ or maybe __________________ but we can’t really decide until we hear back from them.


We’ve been through this several times before. The very first time we made a big coaching switch I sent the poor coach a giant list of questions and remarkably he answered them all. We got the info we wanted but I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant for him having to answer all the emails he fielded for the new team he was in charge of.

Fast forward a few years later we left for vacation the day after tryouts and were considering another big switch for another one of our kids. We got a phone call on our drive to our destination with an invitation for our kid to join a team and my wife and I went back and forth the rest of the afternoon.

Finally that night we called the coach back and gave them an answer but it was a stressful drive and pretty much ruined the first day of vacation for me. Then the next morning we woke up and wondered if we’d made the right choice after sleeping on it for a night…

Perhaps you don’t fret over your players teams as much as we have in the past but it is a whole year of your kid’s life and we want to help you make the decision that’s right for your family. That’s why we put together the guide to choosing a soccer club and also why we setup Coach Assist.

If there’s a coach you’d like to know more about just fill out this form to get started – Coach info request form

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