PlayerMaker UNO Trial

$50.00 every 2 weeks

The PlayerMaker UNO is now available for you to try before you buy! If your player would like to try out the soccer tracker before purchasing one now you can rent it for a trial period.



The PlayerMaker UNO from PlayerMaker is a new soccer tracker device that can be a great training tool for your player or team but how do you know if they’ll use it and what impact it will have on their game?

Now you can try the PlayerMaker UNO before you buy.

Testing out the soccer tracker is easy, checkout on this page and we’ll ship you the UNO. After the test period is over you send it back knowing either it would be a good investment to get your own or it isn’t the right fit for your player.  If you end up deciding to buy one we’ll give you a PlayerMaker coupon for $20 off the soccer tracker.

This rental package includes:

  • PlayerMaker UNO
    • Trackers
      • Left Foot Tracker
      • Right Foot Tracker
    • Charging Pod & Cable
    • PlayerMaker Straps
      • Size Medium
      • Size Large
  • Soccer Tracker Support


PlayerMaker UNO Trial FAQ

What does PlayerMaker Uno Track?

You can see in the screenshots below the description of the stats that are tracked during a training session or game. This stats glossary from the PlayerMaker app describes the specific measurements tracked for Involvement, Technical Balance, Playing Tempo, Speed, and Volume.







How do I access my stats?

You install the app on your phone and sync the trackers with your app after your game or training session has ended.


Does it impact how I strike the ball?

No, our players were worried about how wearing it would impact their play at first as well. However, once practice began and they started playing they forgot they were wearing the PlayerMaker.

Games or Training?

You can wear it for both Games and Training sessions. When you sync your data with your app it will ask you whether it was a game or practice and you can look at your stats for games and for practices in the app.


How does the trial work?

You receive the PlayerMaker Uno in the mail and install the app. You wear it for practice/games and sync the tracker with your phone after the training session or match. At the end of your trial period you ship the PlayerMaker back to us.

Can I put it in the Washing Machine?

No, it’s not made to be submerged in water.


Can 2 players in a household/team do a trial?

Sure, they would each need to install the app on their phone and sync the PlayerMaker Uno with their phone before using.  Both players can’t obviously wear them during the same training session or game but two or three players in a family or team who have different training schedules or games can use them for a trial if they each have the app installed on separate phones.


PlayerMaker vs PlayerMaker UNO

PlayerMaker was originally for soccer teams but since launching the PlayerMaker Uno was made available for individual players. This trial is for PlayerMaker Uno.


Can I purchase at the end of the trial?

Sure thing. You probably want your own new set so just send these back and we’ll give you a PlayerMaker coupon for $20 off a new pair of your own.

Additional Information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in
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