DribbleUp Soccer Ball Rental

$40.00 every 6 months

DribbleUp soccer balls now available for you to try for a season! If your player or team would like to try out the smart soccer ball for a season now you can.



The smart soccer ball from DribbleUp can be a great training tool for your player or team but how do you know if they’ll use it and what impact it will have on their game?

Now you can rent DribbleUp soccer balls for a season to test them out.

Testing out the smart ball is easy, checkout on this page and we’ll ship you the number of balls you need for a season or for use over the winter or summer off-season. When the season is over we send you a shipping label and you send them back. This rental package includes:

Optionally we can also include stands for your phone/tablet if you need them. If you have questions email us du@soccerstripes.com

As part of the smart ball rental program the balls you receive to use may be new or they may be previously used by other teams.


DribbleUp FAQ

What’s the Best Way to Use the Smart Balls?

There are multiple ways you can use the smart ball as part of player development. We send you a copy of our DribbleUp Soccer Ball Guide along with the balls to help you determine the best way to use them with your players.

After you reserve the smart ball we send you a survey to determine what might be best for your group of players.

Smart Ball Support

We will assist with any questions you have regarding how to setup the smart ball and how to use it with your players. You can contact us via phone, text, or email.

We will also send you a set of emails and instructions you can use for your team to help them in setting up and using the smart ball. For interested teams we’ll also include a good incentive program that we’ve used to incorporate the ball into team training that helps with attention, motivation, and focus. Works best with younger teams U7 – U10.

Additional Information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in
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