Soccer Stars Biography Set – Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar


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What made Leo Messi who he is today? Michael Part digs into the past of Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar in his soccer biographies of these football superstars.

Everyone starts out as a youth soccer player somewhere and it’s fun to read about how they all got started. It’s also reassuring to know that it wasn’t always easy for them to be their best at the sport. It’s nice for kids to read about how even superstars had their ups and downs in soccer.  In fact, it’s often how they dealt with those lows that helped make them the amazing world class players we cheer for today.

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I first bought “The Flea” for my son when he was 9 years old and we were headed off to summer camp.  We went a day early for orientation since I was a counselor. During a whole day of meetings and setup I figured my son would come looking for me and something to do. I was planning on putting him to work but the soccer biography sabotaged my plan…

To my surprise he stayed in the cabin all day – lying on his bunk and lost in the Leo Messi biography.

That night at dinner he was full of facts about Messi’s life and what it was like for him growing up and trying to make it as a soccer player.

Soccer Fans

When the campers showed up the next day it turns out that we had a cabin full of soccer players which made it fun for them to hang out and play “megs” during our down time.

The trickiest part was the 1 hour rest time when the kids were supposed to stay in their beds and take a nap… yeah right!

Luckily I had the Messi, Neymar, and Ronaldo biographies with me so I passed them out at rest time and the soccer crazed kids ate them right up.  Our cabin was nice and quiet during rest time and by the end of the week the kids knew a lot more about their soccer idols.

All these soccer biographies are written for kids grades 3rd through 7th – a  good length around 150-160 pages each.

Set Includes:

  • The Flea – The Amazing Story of Leo Messi (#1 Amazon Best Seller)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo – The Rise of a Winner
  • Neymar – The Wizard


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