Soccer Ball Package – 10 Balls

Soccer Ball Package – 10 Balls


The Don’t Shank it Package will make you smile the next time you go out to train.  Less chasing a single ball means more time spent playing and more reps getting better! You’ll also thank us for the ball bag to keep them organized and the pump to keep them inflated. Enjoy!

  • Ball Size: Size 4

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How do you get better at shooting? By practicing more shots on goal.

How much shooting practice do you get in when you’re chasing one ball all over the field?

How much more practice would you get if you had…

  • 2 Balls – Double
  • 3 Balls – Triple
  • 4 Balls – Quadruple

Easy to see that the more soccer balls you have to train with the faster you can improve!

My son would go to training sessions and the coach would have a bag full of soccer balls so he’d get lots of reps for each drill. He might shank the first one but the more times in a row he practiced the shot the better he got over time.

But then at home we’d be in the backyard shooting and he’d be chasing 1 ball all over, so we thought what would happen if we got a few more balls?

Of course it’s nice to have a way to store them so they’re not rolling all over the garage or take them with you when you hit the field to train. So we include a ball bag and a pump to keep them inflated.  We also throw in 2 sets of cones because a creative soccer player can spend hours of fun with a set of cones and a bag of balls…

This package includes:

  • 10 Adidas MLS Soccer Balls (Size 4)
  • 1 Ball Bag
  • 1 Ball Pump
  • 20 Adidas Soccer Cones

If you need more than 10 balls we have bigger packages available, if you need less we have smaller packages.

P.S. We know that soccer takes a big bite out of your monthly budget. So take a peek at what the retail price of a package like this would be and you’ll know we had you in mind when putting this one together.

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