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DribbleUp Soccer Ball Book just released with over 30 tips on how you can use the smart soccer ball (free today & tomorrow)!

The DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball is a fantastic training tool that youth soccer is just now discovering. The use of technology to motivate players to train harder is really paying off for those that spend time with DribbleUp. Soccer package also includes one soccer biography of either Messi, Ronaldo, or Neymar.

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“Do we have to go to bed” is music to your ears when your kid needs to work on their weak foot or ball control in tight spaces. Countless nights our kids have gotten me in big trouble doing “just one more round” of soccer skills that lead to another round and another… Seriously how can you say no when they’re begging to keep training?

Whether soccer training is rained out or the kids are wanting to climb up the leaderboard the DribbleUp smart soccer ball has been a welcome addition to our soccer household.

You can read more about the many reasons we’re super excited about the ball in our DribbleUp reviews.

This package includes:

  • 1 DribbleUp Smart Ball (Size 4 or Size 5)
  • 1 Phone Stand (Android or iPhone)
  • 1 Soccer Star Biography (You Choose From):
    • Cristiano Ronaldo – The Rise of a Winner
    • Neymar – The Wizard

The footwork is one of the core features of the soccer app, really helping players improve their technical skills. However, in addition to the foot skills players can also work on their juggling – either in the Juggle Challenge or Freestyle mode.  Here’s an example of the ball tracking in the juggling app inside of the DribbleUp skills capture.

How Do You Use Dribble Up?

For questions on downloading the smart ball app, setting up your account, and how to use the smart ball there’s a Dribble Up User’s Guide . For tips on getting the most out of your training with the ball and some info on the coaches dashboard we also put together some Smart Ball Tips for you.

If you have more questions about the ball you can ask us in the live online chat, email us, or call our Smart Ball Hotline – 816-398-8846

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