Dribble Off Soccer Party

Dribble Off Soccer Party


Bring the Dribble Off Soccer Party to your next team event or birthday party. Test your skills against your friends and teammates in this footskills challenge.

Whether you’re having a World Cup watch party, end of the season soccer event, or a birthday party the Dribble Off Soccer Party is a fun time for soccer fans.  Kids love it for the technology and the competition. Parents and coaches love it because it makes kids want to practice more!

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Soccer Party

The Dribble Off soccer party lets your kids put their soccer skills to the test in several different zones. While the first bracket of players compete in the Dribble Off tournament, the other kids get to test their versatility, passing accuracy, shooting power, and soccer IQ in the other zones.

All the players get to rotate through all the zones and compete for the grand prize in the Dribble Off tournament.


Dribble Off Tournament

We put the kids are into a tournament bracket and they compete in a Dribble Off station head to head. The best scores from each round advance to the next round until we have a winner. Any ties between kids are broken in a juggle off.

Soccer Tech

Kids love the Dribble Off challenge because the technology tracks how they’re doing and lets them compete against their friends. Each station includes a Dribble Up smart ball, an iPad with the Dribble Up app installed, and a pre-configured set of dribble playlists for the tourney.

Everyone has questions about new tech the first time they use it. We’re there to demo the usage for each player and show them how to use the ball.

As the kids do the moves and changes of direction the ball occasionally gets away from their feet and the station keeps the ball close so it doesn’t wreck their score.

Versatility Zone

The Versatility zone puts players through an obstacle course and measures how much they use their weak foot vs their strong foot. Obviously the goal is to be able to use both feet equally well.  Each player wears a Zepp Soccer tracker which tracks which feet they’re using as they navigate the course.

Passing Accuracy Zone

The next zone uses a neat new product called Wobblrs to test the players passing accuracy. How accurate can they be with their passes when they’re under pressure?

Shot Power Zone

This zone measures how much momentum a player puts behind their shot when they hit it.

Soccer IQ Zone

This zone uses a fun game they’ve probably never played before to measures how well the players know the game of soccer.


Party Location

We can bring the party to you if you have space in your backyard or nearby park. Otherwise we hold it in an indoor facility in your area.

Party Length

The amount of time varies by the number of players.  The most players this package supports is 16, there are other packages for more players. A typical party will last about 90 minutes.

Party Prize

We provide a prize for the winner of the Dribble Off tournament. If this is a soccer birthday party we can add onto the package to include a Dribble Up ball for the birthday girl or boy.

Party Favors

Every kid leaves the party with a soccer kit.

Party Packages

We also provide packages for:

  • Teams traveling for a tournament who would like all the equipment for a weekend
  • Sleep overs, groups of kids who would like the equipment overnight for a sleepover party


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