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We finally made it to the semi-finals of the World Cup! After so many close games, great saves, amazing goals, and nail biting penalty kicks we’re down to the last 4 teams alive in the top soccer tournament in the world.

Today’s matches will be France vs Belgium and Croatia vs England. France and England both handled their previous opponents with 2-0 wins against really good teams.

Belgium beat Brazil 2-1 off a Brazil own goal and a howler from Belgian star Kevin De Bryune. Croatia made us suffer down to the last minute taking Russia into overtime and then into penalty kicks and finally coming out on top 4-3 in PKs.

All four teams remaining have fantastic players and any of them have a shot at lifting the World Cup trophy. Some folks would like to see Croatia come out on top so a nation other than the big soccer powerhouses could claim the trophy. To do that they’ll have to hold off Harry Kane and the rest of “Her Majesty’s” royal football club today.

Belgium overcame the Brazilian “ginga” with their formidable, hulking defense. Will it be as effective against bigger/stronger players like Mbappé, Pogba, and Giroud? What will Belgium’s strategy be as they face “Les Bleus”? Which coach and players will come out with the better Soccer IQ today and advance on to the World Cup finals?

Today’s Dribble Up playlist is called Soccer IQ and includes:

  • Toe Taps
  • Strong Rolls
  • Strong Roll to Side Taps
  • Sole Flicks
  • Sole Flicks Alternating Roll
  • Push Out
  • Outside Tap & Push Out
  • Right Foot In & Out Rolls
  • Left Foot In & Out Rolls
  • V Taps
  • Foundations
  • Sideline Pulls
  • Triple Sole Roll
  • Triangles


Today’s Dribble Up World Cup contest is supported by the Soccer Poet. Coach Dan Blank, aka The Soccer Poet, has written a fantastic series of books on soccer and his best selling set is Soccer IQ volumes 1 and 2.

We love the Soccer IQ books because they’re easy to read and very practical to apply. Each each one is made up of short 1-4 page chapters. Each chapter covers one specific topic. The information is written in a short, easily understood manner and each tip is very practical.  A player can pickup the book, read one chapter, and do just that one thing and become a better player by following the tip.

Soccer IQ has 55 chapters with names like:

  • The Holy Grail
  • Play from a Spot
  • The Impossible Pass
  • Three Step Rule
  • Better Than Square
  • Two Runs
  • The Shallow End
  • Clearing the First Wave
  • The Pre-Fake
  • Turning the Corner
  • Bait and Switch

Dan Blank does a great job packaging these football concepts into easily digestible chapters that stick with the reader. After coaching college players for over 20 years Blank captured these soccer tips in the Soccer IQ books and has shared them with many young up and coming soccer players. We can’t confirm this but chances are several of the US players who represent the US in the 2026 World cup here in America will have read these books and will know what a coach means when they refer to the “Three Step Rule” or “Turning the Corner”.


Here are the steps for how you can work on your footskills and win V-Bucks for Fortnite – Dribble Up World Cup


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