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If you’ve ever played in a soccer tournament you know the best way to set your own soccer destiny is to win your way to the final. If you tie or lose a game suddenly the fate of your tournament depends on the performance of other teams and the list of potential scenarios stack up.

That’s where we stand in the World Cup today in the Group D games. The two matches are Nigeria vs Argentina and Iceland vs Croatia. Croatia is through to the next round no matter what since they already have 2 wins. However, second place in the group and World Cup survival is still open to any of the other three teams depending on what happens today.

If Nigeria can beat Argentina then Nigeria moves on. If Argentina beats Nigeria then the situation gets more complicated. With a win from Argentina and a loss from Iceland then Argentina advances to the Round of 16. However if both Argentina and Iceland win then they’ll each have 4 points and it comes down to goal differential.

You know the players and coaches for Argentina and Iceland hate being in a situation where even if they win their tournament future is dependent on other teams. Croatia probably feels pretty good having taken care of business in the first 2 games and locking in their own soccer destiny, at least for today.

What happens if Argentina and Iceland both win and have the same goal differential? Sports Illustrated put together an explanation of World Cup tie breakers:

1. Goal differential in group play
2. Total Goals scored in group play
3. Biggest # of points in group play between two teams tied.
4. Goal differential from the group games between two teams tied.
5. Biggest # of goals scored in group games between two teams tied.
6.  Yellow / Red cards

Blech, who wants to have to go down to the 4th tie breaker in a tournament? Good luck to all 3 teams today!

Today’s Dribble Up playlist is called Soccer Destiny and features the following drills:

  • Foundations
  • Pushouts
  • V Taps
  • Right Foot Vs
  • Left Foot Vs
  • Right Foot Triangles
  • Left Foot Triangles
  • Strong Rolls
  • Strong Rolls to Side Taps
  • Right Foot Roll Chop
  • Left Foot Roll Chop


The World Cup Dribble Up foot skills contest for today is supported by Dribble Up. Founded by brothers Eric and Marc Forkosh, Dribble Up has quickly become the best selling smart soccer ball available for players today. We’ve written here about how players can use the smart ball drills in a game and done a Dribble Up review after one of last big releases.

As a beta user of the soccer training tool we give a lot of feedback to the DribbleUp team and they respond very quickly. What we’ve learned is that their approach is to release with new features as quickly as they can and then hear what players and parents have to say about it. They don’t always get every feature right the first time but they’re quick to listen to how we use Dribble Up as players and as a coach and make adjustments. Just this morning we sent over a list of features we’d like to see in the Dribble Up coaches dashboard after running this World Cup contest and won’t be surprised if we see them show up in the next update.

The longer we use Dribble Up to work on foot skills, and recently shooting, the better the app gets and the more helpful it becomes for soccer players and coaches.  Thanks to Dribble Up for being a supporter of the World Cup skills contest and of youth soccer in the U.S.


Here are the steps for how you can work on your footskills and win V-Bucks for Fortnite – Dribble Up World Cup


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