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If you haven’t read the story yet by Romelu Lukaku about his childhood and the challenges he faced while playing youth soccer in his hometown of Brussels then make time today.

I read the story to my son before bed last night so he’d understand that soccer players are driven by many things and that the older he gets the biggest diversity of players he’ll encounter. It’s important to consider what your teammates and opponents are going through before they step onto the pitch and where they’re headed after the game is over.

Today’s Dribble Up playlist is called Lukaku in recognition of him keeping his promise to his grandfather and becoming one of the best football players in the world despite long odds.

  • Foundations
  • L Pulls
  • Left Roll to Side Taps
  • Right Roll to Side Taps
  • Sole Flicks
  • Right Foot Triangles
  • Left Foot Triangles
  • Right Foot V Taps
  • Left Foot V Taps
  • Triple Sole Roll
  • Pushouts


The World Cup Dribble Up foot skills contest for today is supported by Coaches & Coffee. Coaches & Coffee is a monthly coaching education and networking event hosted by United Soccer Coaches.

This month’s event is a World Cup watch event run by Technical Director of United Soccer Coaches, Ian Barker.


Here are the steps for how you can work on your footskills and win V-Bucks for Fortnite – Dribble Up World Cup


All Day (Thursday)

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