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Russia and Croatia made this game exciting, taking it to extra time and then down to penalty kicks! Russia was the lowest rated team in the tournament, only in because they were the host country, but made it all the way to the Quarter Finals. Most of their players spend their time professionally in the Russian premier league, playing for teams in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Russia didn’t have any big name stars like some of the South American or European teams in the tournament but they played well together as a team and were well coached. Congrats to them for making it to be one of the final 8 teams.

The Croatian team on the other hand had some high expectations from their fans. Part of the “second Golden Generation” of soccer players from Croatia there were high hopes for the Vatreni. Players like Modrić, Rakitić, and Mandžukić make up a squad full of talented footballers.

Today’s Dribble Up playlist is called Croatia v Russia and includes:

  • Foundations
  • L Pull
  • Left Roll to Side Tap
  • Right Roll to Side Tap
  • Sole Flicks
  • Right Foot Triangles
  • Left Foot Triangles
  • Right Foot V Taps
  • Left Foot V Taps
  • Triple Sole Roll
  • Push Outs


Today’s Dribble Up World Cup contest is sponsored by the Player Development Project (PDP). The Player Development Project is a fantastic resource for youth soccer coaches looking to improve their craft.

Just like different players learn best from different coaching methods every coach has a preferred way of absorbing information. The Player Development Project offers a variety of ways to learn how to be a better coach. They host a podcast for coaches who learn best from listening to other coaches and experts discuss tactics and technique.

For coaches who prefer to read about soccer coaching methods the Player Development Project also publishes articles on their website on a wide variety of coaching topics. If you’re more “old school” and prefer printed materials over digital they also offer the Player Development Project magazine.

In addition to the free coaching information the site offers, Player Development Project also offers a paid membership site that has videos, interviews, and more in depth analysis and education for coaches. We’ve written before about the importance of coaching education when choosing a coach and mostly covered the more formal training from United Soccer Coaches or US Soccer. However, the kind of education and training that coaches can get from the Player Development Project is invaluable and just what’s needed to improve the level of quality coaches in the U.S.


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