If you’re looking for the best soccer camera for your team you can follow along as we evaluate Veo, Trace, Pixellot, Pix4Team, Reeplayer, Blink Focos, and eventually Spiideo and Hudl.

Soccer Camera Comparison Intro

We spent the Fall season recording games with the Pixellot, Pix4Team, Trace, Veo, and Blink Focos. We recorded 7v7 games, 9v9 games, and 11v11. We recorded from the side of the field for club games and from up in the pressbox at high school games. We recorded games during the day and also at night to show how the cameras worked in low light and also recording into the sun. We recorded in the heat of August and also the chill of November but oddly enough, we didn’t have a single game in the rain the whole Fall season – definitely had some windy games.

Pix4Team vs Pixellot vs Veo vs Trace Cameras

We were never able to record the same game with all 5 cameras but were able to get 3 different cameras up on the sideline for multiple games.  We’re currently working on going through all the footage and putting together comparison videos of the game. This video shows you the basics of each soccer camera system.

Trace vs Pixellot vs Veo Camera Game Clips

We put 3 cameras on the player sideline at a high school soccer game. The game started around 5-6, so about dusk in the Fall season. The beginning of the game shows you how the cameras record in the daylight and then the second half you can see how the cameras record at night under the lights.

Both teams scored a goal, we show the clip of each goal so there are 6 goal clips, 2 from each camera, so you can see how the Pixellot, Trace, and Veo all record the same moments.

Veo vs Pix4Team

Last weekend we recorded the same game with the Pix4Team and the Veo. I did a write up on why the Pix4Team could be a goof fit for your team and about the differences of Veo vs Pix4Team robot.

Here’s a look at some Pix4Team vs Veo camera clips:


Comparing Soccer Cameras

For each game we spent a lot of time taking screen shots or screen recordings of the app used to start/stop and control the cameras. We took a lot of photos and video of the cameras. We tried to capture the initial setup of the camera and then what you needed to get the camera up and recording. Then we did screen recordings and screenshots of the sites/software/apps where you upload, watch, clip, share, and download the footage once it’s ready.

We’ve also spent a lot of time putting together a comprehensive checklist of commonly asked questions about soccer camera systems. Now we’re going through and answering those questions for each of the soccer cameras that we recorded with last season.

We’ll start publishing some of those results here once they’re ready. We also discovered a few systems that we left out of our initial comparison. We’re going to be talking with Spiideo about their portable system and eventually the Hudl Flex Focus will be out of Beta.  We had ordered a Reeplayer but the delivery has been delayed so we haven’t been able to test out that soccer camera yet.

Camera Questions?

If you have questions about the cameras or things you’d like us cover you can email us ben@easysportsvideo.com or give us a call 816-398-8846