DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball Tips

Once you start using your smart ball there are a few things you can do to get more out of your practice. These tips came mostly from conversations I've had with parents who's players have started training with the smart ball. Whether you got Dribble Up on Amazon or on this site, these tips can help with some of the questions you might have about training with the soccer ball. 1) Train in Good Lighting Since it's winter and many of us are training indoors this [...]

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Farewell to Feilhaber – The Soul of Sporting Kansas City

To some Sporting Kansas City fans Benny Feilhaber felt like the soul of the team. Not only did he connect the offense and defense on the field but he also helped connect the fans with the team off the pitch through his haircuts & mustache personality. His many interviews and the Benny Fielhaber show showed us a side of him and many other players that we didn't have access to on game day. I couldn't bear to tell my son the news when I heard that [...]

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