DribbleUp Experiment

The smart soccer ball from DribbleUp came onto my radar via Twitter today when I saw Tristan Tilllette share a video of his kids with the ball. I'm a sucker for innovative products and a soccer fan so the combination was too intriguing to pass up. I scoured the details of the Kickstarter product page and the more I read the more exciting the idea sounded. It seems to have the potential to be a really awesome training tool and the fact that creators (Mark and [...]

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Your Privacy

Thank you for visiting Soccer Stripes and trusting us to help your child with their soccer experience. Payments We process all payments using Stripe so none of your payment information is ever sent or stored on our server. Stripe is used by over 100,000 online business - https://stripe.com/us/customers Analytics/Cookies We use Google Analytics on the site to help us know what kinds of questions parents have about youth soccer. The data it provides allows us to understand what types of issues are at the top of [...]

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Your Soccer Saturday

The quiet of an early Saturday morning. Before shinguards are strapped & water bottles are filled. You clasp your coffee and give them just a few more minutes of sleep before kicking off a day of fun and excitement on the pitch. Who knows what the day will hold? Are they ready for rain? Maybe snow showers? What about blazing heat? As you know the elements are just the beginning, the easiest thing to prepare for. Only you and I understand the journey involved in to preparing them [...]

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